1. Treat all players with respect and kindness. Banter every now and then is fine, just don't deliberately be nasty.
2. Do not take items from other players or destroy their builds. This ruins the fun for everyone else.

1. You must be age 13 or older (per Discord terms of service) to join this Nation.
2. No NSFW posts are allowed in any of the public parts of the Nation.
3. Please choose your roles in roles and introduce yourself in introductions upon joining the Nation so we can get to know you.
4. Please post suggestions for the Nation in nation-suggestions.

Data Pack Commands

/trigger sethome set #1-3 - Allow you to set up to 3 homes on the server.
/trigger home set #1-3 - Allows you to go to one of your homes.
/trigger delhome set #1-3 - Allows you to delete a home that you no longer need.
/trigger homes - This shows you the homes that you have set.

/trigger back - Takes you back to where you were previously on the server.

/trigger spawn - Takes you back to the spawn of the server.

The numbers next to the player names on the tab menu correspond to the # listed below.
/trigger tpa set (another player's #) - Allows you to request to teleport to another player
/trigger tpaccept - Allows you to accept to teleport to another player
/trigger tpdeny - Allows you to deny to teleport to another player
/trigger tpacancel - Allows you to cancel your request to teleport to another player

Plugin Commands

/claim - With a golden shovel in hand, this allows you to claim a 7x7 spot of land depending on where you're standing.
/trust (player) - Allows you to trust another player to build in the claim you're standing in when you run the command.
/untrust (player) - Allows you to remove trust from another player so they can no longer build in the claim you're standing in when you run the command.
/ignore (player) - Allows you to ignore a player who is bothering you in chat.
/unclaim - Allows you to unclaim the claim you're standing in.

/nick (nickname) - Allows you to set a nickname. You may also use color codes in your nickname.
/afk - Allows you to show that you're AFK.

/tc toggle - Turns the destruction of entire trees on or off.

/discord - Displays the invite to our Discord server.
/discord link - Provides you with a code to link your Minecraft account with your Discord account by sending a DM to Dabloon SRV#1906.

/dynmap url - Displays the link to the word map.


/motd - Shows the Message of the Day, which also displays when you log in.

Optional Downloads

If you enjoy a more modded feel for your Minecraft experience, we have created a modpack, which you may download by clicking here!
In order to use this, we recommend using the CurseForge Launcher, which you may download by clicking here!
Once you have the program downloaded, install it then choose Minecraft from the Choose a Game menu.
Click create a custom profile, then click import, and select the zipfile that you downloaded.
Once it installs, click the Play button and sign in to Minecraft as you normally would.
Our server will be listed in the Multiplayer menu.

In order to get the most out of Dabloon Nation, you can use our custon resource pack, which you may download by clicking here!